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Pinot De Villechenon, F. ; Chanlat, J.-F. & López Rizzo, H. (2021). Proximité culturelle perçue et présence sur un marché étranger : Les enseignements d’une recherche menée auprès de dirigeants de PME latino-européennes présentes au Brésil. Management international-Mi, 25(6), 208-227.


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Adapting a Lean Production Program to National Institutions in Latin America: Danone in Argentina and Brazil

This article argues that national institutions identified in the varieties of capitalism approach have a significant impact on the degree of fidelity and extensiveness of best practices adapted by geocentric multinational corporations in host countries in emerging markets. To illustrate this argument it shows how differences in national institutions between Brazil and Argentina caused Danone to adapt a lean production in radically different ways in each of these countries.

Both of the programs implemented had low degrees of fidelity and extensiveness to the original best practice.

This article contends that in Argentina strong labor laws and the ability of unions to negotiate significant salary increases combined with a desire of workers to have individual pride in their jobs caused Danone to empower them individually instead of creating teams as foreseen in this company’s original lean production program. In Brazil the weakness of unions combined with labor laws that promote employee turnover and the desire of workers to improve their salaries caused this company neither to empower workers nor create teams. Instead, it motivated workers by providing them the previously unavailable opportunity to become a manager.

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SMEs Internationalization Europe – Latin America

Since the 1980s, SMEs have been regarded as one of the vectors of European-Latin American relations.

This article is based on qualitative studies carried out by CERALE on the internationalization of French SMEs in Mexico and the experience of Southern European SMEs in Brazil.


Le Brésil et le nouvel échiquier régional latino-américain (2014)

Article de Charles-Henry Chenut, Accomex, Brésil: Un pari gagnant à long terme, n°110-111, mars-avril 2014, pp 16-18.

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Le Brésil est-il accessible aux PME ? (2014)

Article Florence Pinot de Villechenon et Humberto López Rizzo, Accomex, Brésil : Un pari gagnant à long terme, n°110-111, mars-avril 2014, pp 82-84.

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