Innovative Female Entrepreneurship / Emprendimiento femenino innovador / Entrepreneuriat féminin innovant. Latin American cases

CERALE tiene el gusto de anunciar la publicación del siguiente capítulo:

 «The role of the family environment in innovative female entrepreneurship in Latin America: cases from Colombia, Peru, and Argentina», por L.M. Ferro, N. Matos et F. Pinot de Villechenon in Diana Book Women, Family and Family Businesses Across Entrepreneurial Contexts, chap 4, part 2. Edited by Séverine Le Loarne – Lemaire et al.,  2022 ed. ELGARonline
La investigación fue en parte financiada por EERF, fondo de investigación de ESCP Business School.

CERALE is pleased to announce the publication of the chapter mentioned above. The research has been partly financed by EERF, ESCP Business School’s research fund.

CERALE a le plaisir d’annoncer la publication du chapitre mentionné plus haut. La recherche a été partiellement financée par EERF, le fonds de recherche de ESCP Business School.

  • Abstract
    We explore the distinct roles that family environment plays in the dynamics of Innovative Female Entrepreneurship (IFE), in Latin America, applying the family embeddedness perspective (Aldrich & Cliff, 2003). Contrasting cases in three Latin American countries we found that IFE emerges in evolving contexts, affecting family environments, values, and women’s empowerment. Family environments and entrepreneurship reinforce each other. Prior to entrepreneurship, families cement values of women’s identity construction and their motivation for entrepreneurship; later, beyond moral support, the extended family moderate’s decision making and leverages tangible and intangible resources (knowledge, networks). Imbued in a family environment, women entrepreneurs reaffirm their identity, purposes and nurture the continuous formation and exploitation of value-generating opportunities. In turn, women entrepreneurs catalyze changes in households that bring equity and greater work-family balance.