CERALE-EGADE 2020, Mexico city, May 27-29 (English)

New deadline for submissions until February 16, 2020

New technological, managerial and social dynamics for a sustainable Europe-Americas relationship

This central theme will highlight the impact of new technologies on organisations (factory of the future, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and big data, etc.), on markets and on consumer trends (the transition from a possessive economy to a participative economy), in addition to their effects on the social, solidarity-based and inclusive economy.

Academic sessions
1. Back to black? Intercultural management in an increasingly uncertain global economy
2. International dynamics
3. Finance and macroeconomics
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Leadership and Governance: Back to a Contextualized Future!
6. Management of family-run businesses
7. Social innovation and sustainability
8. Conscious marketing and retail
9. Public policy, public management and public services in the digital age
10. Global and local value chains
11. Ecosystems of innovation: main managerial and strategic approaches, challenges and opportunities for evolution
Language:Proposals can be written in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.
Extension:1000 words maximum
Deadline for receiving abstracts: February 16, 2020
Announcement of the results by the Scientific Committee:March 15, 2020
To send abstracts and see instructions, EasyChair:https://easychair.org/cfp/CERALE_2020

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