Professor Alfredo Behrens at ESCP Europe – London Campus, January 25

 «There is no unique form of management suitable for all cultures»,  by  Professor Alfredo Behrens, January 25, ESCP Europe’s London campus.

When people more fitting to clannish organisations are managed in the predominant North American style, they respond with lifeless foot-dragging, as at subsidiaries of multinationals in developing countries.

Dr. Behrens will discuss the idea that when managing subsidiaries, organisations must listen to what makes the workers there tick and, consequently, develop ways to integrate locally sensitive management to reporting and control systems at headquarters.

Alfredo Behrens has recently published the book Gaucho Dialogues on Leadership and Management, which storifies the relationship between leaders and followers of Latin American rebellions. Such rebellions lasted several years, some more than a decade, taking place before Harvard Business School existed – at a time we had our own ideas on good-fit leadership and management practices. His book tour, of which this event is part, is sponsored by FIA Business School.

How to Attend
Places are strictly limited and filling up fast! The event is open to all academics, graduate students, alumni and practitioners – external guests are very welcome. Book your complimentary seat by visiting