The visit took place on January 27th

They were accompanied by the directors of the Master from both campuses: Benoit Heilbrunn (Paris) and Nora Lado (Madrid).

The visit took around 40 minutes, since we had to split them in small groups to make things easier.

After the visit I made a presentation about AFP and explained how we are adapting to the digital world and what our goals in Brazil are on the long run.

Students were very attentive and made a lot of questions at the end. The questions varied from the presentation itself and how I managed to assume the responsibility to be the Marketing Director for Brazil right afterwards the Master’s conclusion.

It was a very good experience to be able to host them all, and I hope to have other opportunities to do so again.

AFP is among the three biggest news agencies in the world and Brazil is one of their strategic markets due to its steady economic growth and the events the country will host within a few years.