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Smart Cities in Brazil

The main objective of this exploratory research was to assess the concept of Smart Cities in Brazil, as well as identify the successful or unsuccessful experiences, the main competencies to build successful experiences and the main actors involved in them, as well as financing sources. To do so, secondary data sources were assessed on a first phase, and combined with interviews with representatives of different sectors involved with this subject, more specifically academics, government representatives, press and NGOs.

The results show that even though there is a great concern with the development of Smart Cities, Brazil has plenty of isolated initiatives, which are detached from a more global plan.

Le développement des entreprises à l’international : regards sur le Brésil

Sous la direction de Florence Pinot de Villechenon



Política e gestão cultural: perspectivas Brasil e França

Frederico Lustosa da Costa (Org.)



Sustainability management issues in Latin America and Europe: A multi-stakeholder perspective

Sous la direction d’Olivier Delbard

Dans les pages de cet ouvrage, experts européens et latino-américains se penchent sur les défis que pose le développement durable aux responsables politiques ainsi qu’aux acteurs économiques qui opèrent sur les deux continents.

Sommaire de l’ouvrage



A BRIC MNE’s Subsidary in France : Human Resource Management in Adaptive Mode

Maral Murabetkova y Florence Pinot

Journal of Business Strategy

Sept-Oct. 2013





Public Privé

Actes du séminaire Public Privé

Sous la direction de Jean-Michel SAUSSOS




Planificación estratégica

libro1-2Nuevos desafíos y enfoques en el ámbito publico

Jorge Walter y Diego Pando


From November 23rd to November 30th

Brazil: 6 days

Local partner: FGV


  • Conferences: The FIFA World Cup 2014 and its economic and social impacts, Intercultural Management, Brazilian Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurial Drive in Brazil
  • Company visits: School of Samba Salgueiro, Rio Operations Center, Maracanã


Seminar «Doing Business in Argentina» (November 2012)

November 12th-19th

Argentina: 5 days

Local partner: ITBA


  • Conferences: Panel with entrepreneurs, with support of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Argentina and the French Consular Service in Buenos Aires, Agribusiness, Environmental issues in the region
  • Business game : A business game modeling a high risk, high uncertainty environment. Several teams manage their companies competing against each other. Focus on sustainablility and economic performance.

Doing Business in Argentina

December 2011
: 11 days
Local partner
: Universidad de San Andrés

  • Conferences: Competitiveness in Latin America, Business to business relationships, Setting up a business/operating in Argentina-Mercosur
  • Company visits: Schneider Electric, Telecom Foundation, Inti Zen, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Mercosur


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