Mobilité de Professeurs

Le Programme de Mobilité de Professeurs ESCP Europe- Amérique latine favorise le déplacement de et vers l’Amérique latine des professeurs de toutes les institutions partenaires. Il permet l’accueil de professeurs visitants sur des séjours d’une semaine et poursuit un double objectif : développer les interventions académiques (cours régulier ou conférence ponctuelle) auprès des différents publics de l’université d’accueil -public junior, public senior-  et explorer des collaborations en matière de recherche dans le cadre du CERALE.


Mobilité de professeurs d’Amérique Latine vers ESCP Europe
Mobilité de professeurs d’ESCP Europe vers l’Amérique Latine







The visit took place on January 27th

They were accompanied by the directors of the Master from both campuses: Benoit Heilbrunn (Paris) and Nora Lado (Madrid).

The visit took around 40 minutes, since we had to split them in small groups to make things easier.

After the visit I made a presentation about AFP and explained how we are adapting to the digital world and what our goals in Brazil are on the long run.

Students were very attentive and made a lot of questions at the end. The questions varied from the presentation itself and how I managed to assume the responsibility to be the Marketing Director for Brazil right afterwards the Master’s conclusion.

It was a very good experience to be able to host them all, and I hope to have other opportunities to do so again.

AFP is among the three biggest news agencies in the world and Brazil is one of their strategic markets due to its steady economic growth and the events the country will host within a few years.



From soon-to-graduate Julio BRANDAO (MS Marketing et Communication), currently working at Agence France-Presse (AFP):

Around 60 students of the Master in Marketing and Communications from the Paris and Madrid campuses came to Rio de Janeiro for their study trip.

As a former student of the same program, I was contacted by the Parisian master’s assistant, who asked me to help find companies to host them during their stay here in Rio.  I promptly offered to receive them at the AFP’s office.  The idea was to show them our facilities and tell them what we do and how we work in Brazil.

Karina Jensen, San Andrés

«Facilitating Global Innovation and Cross-cultural Collaboration: The
Role of Knowledge Governance Mechanisms in Conceiving and Executing
Innovation Strategies.»

Organizations are increasingly faced with the challenge of navigating
a dynamic marketplace that demands a rapid time to market,
customer-centric focus, and continuous innovation on a global scale.
The inability of geographically distributed teams to effectively share
and communicate relevant market information between headquarters and
local subsidiaries can result in a lack of product innovation, delayed
product introductions, and reduced sales and market opportunities.
This presentation addresses the organizational mechanisms that enhance
cross-cultural team interaction processes with the objective of
creating and sharing knowledge that contributes to successful product
introductions worldwide. In showing the interdependence of new product
planning and execution, the presentation shows a collaborative
framework that can help MNEs and managers effectively conceive and
execute innovation strategies. Drawing from resource and
knowledge-based views, this qualitative study involves interviews with
86 participating senior managers responsible for global product
launches and cross-cultural teams at 32 MNEs based in Europe, Asia,
and the US. The findings contribute to a conceptual model that
identifies knowledge governance mechanisms for facilitating the
conception and execution of global product innovation strategies.

Profesor Frederico LUSTOSA

A ESCP-Europe campus de Paris du 6 janvier au 6 février 2009.

Séjour «recherche» autour de deux thèmes majeurs :

  • Management Culturel et
  • Réforme de l’État.

​Ont été abordés les rapports entre la culture et le développement​,​ la planification régionale et la réforme de l’État au Brésil.

​Le Professeur Lustosa a été accueilli dans le cadre du CERALE et dans les programmes suivants :

  • Centre de Recherche et Développement en Management public, dirigé par le prof. J-M. Saussois
  • Option Management culturel, dirigée par les profs. Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau et Maria Koutsovoulou
  • Mastère Management des Activités culturelles et artistiques, dirigé par le prof. Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau et Maria Koutsovoulou.
  • Mastère Management des Media, dirigé par le prof. Ghislain Deslandes.

​Dans ce cadre, le Frofesseur Lustosa a prononcé deux conférences​:

  • Culture, développement et planification régionale: la notion de bassin culturel, pour les élèves du Mastère Management des Activités culturelles et artistiques, dirigé par le prof. Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau et Maria Koutsovoulou.
  • Le Brésil de Lula – politique, économie et société, pour les élèves du cours América Latina hoyde la formation Grande École.


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